Public Issues Management

Tessera Issues Compass™ offers clients a means of monitoring and assessing public issues. It is a tool designed to help companies anticipate issues, measure their potential business impact and take pre-emptive action. The approach encourages foresight but at the same time roots issues scanning firmly into an accountable, results-oriented framework related to business priorities.

We believe that our methods reflect the real issues management needs of companies: they avoid turning issues management into an academic, intellectual pursuit with limited commercial relevance. At the same time, they facilitate early warning to anticipate and deal with public issues before they develop into threats to business continuity.

We believe issues management should not be over-concerned with long-range trends that are usually too hard to call, but should concentrate on those that have the potential to affect the business within a reasonable period of time.

The Tessera Issues Compass™ provides a framework to guide research, conduct analysis and shape corporate policy. It can help assess the consequences likely for different action plans, as well as help clients prioritise and allocate resources.

Our experience has spanned some of the most sensitive business sectors, including pharmaceuticals, power generation, tobacco, oil and petrochemicals, biotechnology and the food industry.

The knowledge and understanding to construct realistic, plausible scenarios is at the heart of Tessera’s crisis and issues management work. Our consultants combine the ability to visualise the path that public pressure may take in the event of different problems becoming live threats.

Emergency Management

Complementing our issues management consulting experience, we have developed a proprietary framework to guide management decision-making in an emergency. Tessera Emergency Navigator™ is designed to enable clients to make decisions under stressful conditions. Its application will help managers:

  • establish the facts of the situation quickly yet accurately, saving valuable time in the critical early phase
  • develop a strategic response that protects the public and the company’s reputation
  • carry out technical and reputation tasks simultaneously
  • anticipate consequences of actions before they are carried out

    Tessera Emergency Navigator™ is supported by a highly interactive training method using the latest simulation techniques. This "full immersion" approach, using realistically researched scenarios, creates the essential level of awareness and motivation to prepare crisis teams for the real event.

    Practical simulation experience can make a huge difference in a real emergency. Trained teams perform faster and more effectively.

    Knowing the risks, having a well co-ordinated response and an open and honest communications strategy, will go a long way towards minimising damage to a company’s reputation and maintaining consumer confidence and trust in its brand.

    Participants in Tessera’s training sessions have the opportunity to:
  • be challenged by a dramatic, realistic emergency scenario
  • sharpen their personal emergency management skills and those of the team
  • discover more about other team members - vital when making decisions as a team under stress
  • gain valuable insights from other companies’ experiences
  • be guided through the Tessera Emergency Navigator™ decision-making framework for handling emergencies