Reputation, either of a company or of its products, is the most important component of any firm’s goodwill assets, and eclipses tangible assets in importance when assessing the value of many enterprises. And the way a company manages its reputation is heavily dependent on the quality of its communication with stakeholders.

Tessera provides strategic counsel and services in the field of stakeholder communications for international companies and organisations. Our goal is to support our clients in developing the structures, human resources and programme solutions that will protect and capitalise on the reputation of their companies and brands.

It is a strategic, integrated approach that offers corporate communications management the possibility of objective advice and benchmarking as an alternative to reliance on traditional service providers such as advertising agencies, public relations firms and graphic designers, who may often focus their recommendations towards the specialised activities they are equipped to provide.

Our team has an unusual experience base. We have worked inside major corporations and been users of agency services. Conversely, we have also served within large agency networks acting for international clients.

Tessera is thus well placed to help clients in the selection of external advertising and public relations firms and as an objective resource for structuring and organising the communications function in alignment with corporate goals. Complementing this, we have an international executive search capability that identifies and helps clients select candidates for communications positions.

We are also experienced in advising on stakeholder relationship issues, developing strategic solutions in partnership with our clients, often before the involvement of service agencies. Our team regularly achieves positive outcomes for clients in the management of corporate and brand reputation issues, developing innovative media, customer and investor relations strategies, achieving cultural change, and improving employee motivation and productivity.

We have in-depth expertise in creating public issues and emergency management systems for global companies, and in training and motivating managers to turn these methods into operating realities.

Tessera Consulting has offices in Lausanne, Switzerland and London, UK and like-minded associates across Europe and in the United States with whom we have strong professional relationships borne out of close collaboration on international projects.