Tessera is active in training executives in global companies to understand communications skills and their value in business problem solving. Our seminars are designed to cover the full range of professional communications skills, and are tailored both for communication specialists and for general management with responsibility for the function.

We work in conjunction with several leading training and educational organisations, including the Thomson Foundation for journalism and media. Expert professionals, journalists and communications practitioners lead the courses. The programme runs as an in-company module, although subject to demand, "open access" workshops are organised for individuals from different organisations.

The programme focuses on four areas:

  • Strategic planning methods needed to develop effective international reputation management programmes. Guidance will be given on setting objectives and strategies, prioritising actions, anticipating reactions, and design of measurement approaches.
  • Technical communication skills including creative media relations, crisis management, sponsorship and contributions and corporate advertising.
  • Best practice benchmarks pinpointing a variety of reputation management themes such as social responsibility, environmental responsibility and perception alignment.
  • Team development: the programme emphasises interpersonal and team building abilities using instruments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory questionnaire and exercises related to improving sensitivities to people's preferences and adapting messages as appropriate.

    The courses focus on the skills and thought disciplines required to manage and monitor communications activities across markets and business or product sectors.