First we identify selection requirements by analysing the job description and comparing it with the candidate's curriculum vitae.

Then we conduct interviews using a competency-based approach. Our methodology is based on a structured understanding of the necessary competencies, which include skills, behaviours and personal qualities, to assess and predict a candidate’s performance against the requirements of the position. Independent research has proven that such an approach is much more likely to predict accurately a candidate's future performance than an unstructured interviewing process.

In conjunction, we administer and analyse psychometric questionnaires for candidates to both predict future behaviour on the job and to get an indication of the individual's team role. Psychometric questionnaires add an extra level of objectivity and accuracy to the assessment process. Our consultants are qualified to use two of the most popular and predictive questionnaires on the market: the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory® (MBTI®) and the California Psychological Index™ (CPI™).

Finally, we provide complete reports representing a synthesis of the impression the candidates provided in interview, their c.v., the requirements of the job and their psychometric results. These reports help our clients assess the individual potential of candidates, as well as providing an indication as to how they may fit in to a particular organisational team.


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