Tessera also provides assessment and selection services to organisations, which have a final list of applicants and would like a scientific and objective view as to the most suitable candidate. Such assessment processes usually incorporate the use of robust personality questionnaires, intelligence tests, structured interviews and assessment centre exercises.

The data obtained from these tools helps us to match the unique skills and attributes of each candidate with the kind of skills required to do the job. The questionnaires and exercises used can analyse a variety of personal characteristics, such as leadership potential, communication skills, creativity and problem solving ability. These help us choose the most appropriate candidate for each position in a way that is more accurate and objective than the tradition informal interview.

We utilise the professional skills of our own Chartered Occupational Psychologist in order to carry out the assessments. Consequently, the assessment process not only offers extraordinary rigour and accuracy, but also conforms to the British Psychological Society’s own high ethical standards for occupational testing.


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